Integration of Fire and Explosion Index in 3D Process Plant Design Software

Mitkowski Piotr Tomasz, Bal Sylwia Kamila

Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015, 38, No. 7, 1212–1222, DOI: 10.1002/ceat.201400644

Process design management system is the essential computer-aided design type of software used in design and 3D modeling of process plants. Actually, it is a man- agement center of process plant projects which allows designers and engineers from various disciplines to concurrently create, control, and manage changes to the plant design and other related engineering data. Some methods for achieving the inherently safer designs guide the location of process equipment and utilities. Therefore, there is room for close interactions between 3D modeling and methods to assess the inherent safety. The feasibility of integration of the Fire and Explo- sion Index into 3D modeling of industrial chemical processes is evaluated and supported by a case study. The importance of the presented concept as key part of such management philosophies like the lean design and the building information modeling is highlighted.

Keywords: Fire and explosion index, Inherent safety, Process design management system, Process plant design