Proposition of PhD student stipends in the Power Sources Group

Proposition of PhD student stipends in the Power Sources Group Poznan University of Technology

We propose two PhD student stipends in the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Poznan University of Technology (Poland) for a collaborative work during 36 months in the frame of an OPUS project funded by Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN).

The main objective of the project is to develop new characterization methods for better understanding the charging/discharging mechanisms of supercapacitors at various periods of their life. Within the frame of the project, the PhD students will develop new carbon materials and design models of capacitors using various electrolytes. The capacitors will be aged in various conditions and their electrochemical properties analysed by a wide range of techniques. In-operando methods will be applied for in-situ analysis of the chemical transformations of cell components.

This ambitious work program is recommended for chemists interested by fundamental and applied science, and aiming at developing a future carrier connected with research and industrial developments. The fellows should possess a good background in materials science and electrochemistry. They should be good team player and have ability and willing to taking initiative. Good English speaking and writing is also required.

Amount of stipend per month: 3,000 PLN
Starting date: January 1st, 2016
Duration: 36 months

Candidates wishing to apply are requested to send their Curriculum Vitae, a recommendation letter from their current scientific supervisor, a motivation letter, attested copies of education certificates including grade reports and other documents to Professor F. Béguin (francois.beguin [at] before December 11th, 2015.
For more information, they can as well contact
Professor F. Béguin, Institute of Chemistry and Technical Electrochemistry, Piotrowo 3, Budinek A1, Pokoj 801a, tel. 61 647-5985.

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