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Registration of candidates for the Doctoral School

Registration of candidates for the Doctoral School for the academic year 2022/2023: from June 15, 2022 to July 31, 2022.




  1. Candidates are required to get acquainted with the binding University Senate Resolution.
  2. Admission to Poznan University of Technology Doctoral School (DS) is carried out in the following scientific disciplines within the limits given.
  3. List of available research topics
  4. Recruitment schedule
  5. Candidates send required documents via PUT online admission system (the admission system will be launched when the recruitment starts):
    1. a document confirming their qualifications:
      • a university diploma with a supplement or
      • a university graduation certificate or
      • transcript (grade report) (not required if this information is included in the supplement), together with an official grading scale, if the transcript does not contain it, confirmed by the University where a candidate graduated from,
    2. curriculum vitae containing personal data and the course of previous education and/or employment,
    3. a covering letter containing a short description of candidate’s interests and reasons for undertaking education at the doctoral school, list of achievements (including publications, patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, scientific scholarships), awards and distinctions concerning scientific research or student activity or other scientific achievements; information about participation in scientific conferences, workshops, research and commercial projects as well as trainings and internships, international mobility and work experience as well as scientific clubs membership (together with relevant documentation confirming all or any of the above),
    4. a declaration of choosing a research topic together with a declaration from a potential PhD thesis supervisor (Annex 1), in the case of candidates recruiting within:
      • discipline limit - the research topic is selected from the available list (will be available on May 5, 2022);
      • the “Industrial Doctoral” program – the research topic is specified in the application to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education;
      • other projects – the research topic agree with the issues defined in the content of the project;
    5. description of a proposed individual research plan demonstrating feasibility of implementation of chosen research topic (Annex 2),
    6. photograph of candidate, in a digital format (JPG, TIF, BMP or PNG), which the candidate is required to upload to the admission system and that meets the requirements for issuing ID cards/passports;
    7. additionally, in case of foreigners admitted to doctoral school, to be presented upon their arrival at Poznan University of Technology:
      • confirmation of legal stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
      • confirmation of health insurance.

The documents must be in Polish or English or must be translated into Polish or English by a certified translator or an equivalent in the country of issue.

Diploma of graduation from university obtained abroad must be submitted with legalization or marked with an apostille.

Candidate who obtained the diploma outside of a European Union Member State or a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Member State may be requested to submit an additional opinion on the recognition of a foreign diploma in Poland by the National Agency for Academic Exchange.


  1. The second stage of admission – interview

    The date, place and time of the interview will be available in the admission system. In case of online interview the date will be arranged individually with each candidate via e-mail by chairperson of the Competition Commission.

    Candidates with disabilities may request that the format, timing and duration of the interview be adjusted to meet their reasonable needs. Before the registration is completed, the candidate submits an appropriate request to the director of the doctoral school, who makes decisions in the above-mentioned case within 14 days.

    In accordance with the Recruitment Schedule for Doctoral School, after the publication of the list of persons obliged to submit the original documents, the candidate submits one set of the required documents (listed in point 5, except f) at the Doctoral School office (located in Poznan, ul. Piotrowo 3, room 604).

    From the recruitment system, generate and print a description of the folder along with your application for admission to the Poznan University of Technology Doctoral School. The candidate is required to submit original documents. PUT will make free copies of the diploma and transcripts and will certify them. Therefore, there is no need to bring copies of documents.

    Additionally, the candidate is required to submit:
    - an ID card or a passport (for review, in order to verify personal data),
    - (if applicable) a disability certificate (for review, in order to certify it).

    The candidate is not obliged to submit the documents concerning acceptance into doctoral school personally. However, the documents should be delivered in its original form in order to certify them or should be notarized. Incomplete documentation, including missing original signatures, will not be accepted.

    It is possible to mail the documents, but they have to be delivered prior to the deadline. In such a case, the candidate has to make sure that the file contains all necessary documents together with a notarized copy of the diploma and transcript.

    Correspondence address:
    Szkoła Doktorska Politechniki Poznańskiej
    ul. Piotrowo 3 (pok. 604)
    60-965 Poznań
  2. The person admitted to the doctoral school begins education and acquires PhD student rights at the moment of oath taking. Date and place of oath-taking will be announced at a later date.
  3. English is the language of instruction in the Poznan University of Technology Doctoral School.