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EUNICE weeks 2021



„EUNICE weeks” is an annual event taking place in all EUNICE partner universities:

The event aims to promote European values, language and culture, promote mobility under the Erasmus + programme and spread information about the EUNICE project among students and employees of the partner universities.


The event programme includes:

• conference and debate on digitization in Europe,

• artificial intelligence webinar,

• evening music events,

• online sports tournaments in the chess and football category,

• industrial workshops for students,

• "Polish for beginners" language course,

• Intercultural Cafe for employees and students of PUT,

• European Mobility Forum and organizational meeting on Erasmus + mobility opportunities.

We encourage you to take a look at a detailed programme of Eunice weeks, which this year will be carried out mainly online. The events will be conducted in English.



Detailed information can be found on the pages