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  1. Andrzejewska E., Dembna A., Stepniak I.
    Trójskładnikowe stałe elektrolity polimerowe zawierające ciecze jonowe
    Przemysł Chemiczny 89/11 1392 (2010) IF=0.29
  2. Bielicka-Daszkiewicz K., Voelkel A., Pietrzyńska M., Heberger K.
    Role of Hansen solubility parameters in solid chase extraction
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  3. Borowiak-Resterna A., Chlebowska H., Giezek M.
    Zinc extraction from chloride solutions with N-alkyl- and N,N-dialkylpyridinecarboxamides
    Hydrometallurgy, 103, 158-166 (2010) IF=1.917
  4. Borowiak-Resterna A., Cierpiszewski R., Prochaska K.
    Kinetic and equilibrium studies of the removal of cadmium ions from acidic chloride solutions by hydrophobic pyridinecarboxamide extractants
    Journal of Hazardous Materials, 179, 828-833 (2010) IF=3.723
  5. Borucka N., Markiewicz B., Pernak J.
    Sole morfoliniowe. Synteza i zastosowanie
    Przemysł Chemiczny 89/11 1397-1401 (2010) IF=0.29
  6. Borysiak, S.
    Supermolecular structure of wood/polypropylene composites: I. the influence of processing parameters and chemical treatment of the filler
    Polymer Bulletin 64 (3), 275-290 (2010) IF= 1.215
  7. Borysiak, S.
    A study of transcrystallinity in polypropylene in the presence of wood irradiated with gamma rays
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 101 (2), 439-445, (2010) IF= 1.752
  8. Broniarz-Press, L., Ochowiak, M., Woziwodzki, S.
    Atomization of PEO aqueous solutions in effervescent atomizers
    International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 31 (4), 651-658 (2010) IF= 1.898
  9. Bula K., Jesionowski T.
    Effect of polyethylene functionalization on mechanical properties and morphology of PE/SiO2 composites
    Compos. Interfaces 17 603-614 (2010); DOI:10.1163/092764410X513332; IF=0,573
  10. Ciesielczyk F., Krysztafkiewicz A., Jesionowski T., Bula K.
    Evaluation of synthetic magnesium silicate as a new polymer filler
    Compos. Interfaces 17 (2010) 481-494; DOI:10.1163/092764410X513314; IF=0,573
  11. Cieszynska, A., Wisniewski, M.
    Extraction of palladium(II) from chloride solutions with Cyphos®IL 101/toluene mixtures as novel extractant
    Separation and Purification Technology, 202-207, (2010) IF= 2.774
  12. Czerwiński, A., Obrebowski, S., Kotowski, J., Rogulski, Z., Skowroński, J.M., Krawczyk, P., Rozmanowski, T., Bajsert, M., Przystałowski, M., Buczkowska-Biniecka, M., Jankowska, E. Baraniak, M.
    Electrochemical behavior of negative electrode of lead-acid cells based on reticulated vitreous carbon carrier
    Journal of Power Sources, 195 7524 (2010) IF=4.283
  13. Czerwiński, A., Obrebowski, S., Kotowski, J., Rogulski, Z., Skowroński, J., Bajsert, M., Przystałowski, M., Buczkowska-Biniecka, M., Jankowska, E., Baraniak, M., Rotnicki, J., Kopczyk, M.
    Hybrid lead-acid battery with reticulated vitreous carbon as a carrier- and current-collector of negative plate
    Journal of Power Sources, 195 7530 (2010) IF=4.283
  14. Dopierala, K., Prochaska, K.
    Dynamics of adsorption in micellar and non micellar solutions of derivatives of lysosomotropic substances
    Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 156 (1-2), 62-69 (2010) IF=8.651
  15. Feder-Kubis J., Kubicki M., Pernak J.
    3-Alkoxymethyl-1-(1R,2S,5R)-(-)-menthoxymethylimidzolium salts-based chiral ionic liquids
    Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 21, 2709-2718 (2010) IF=2.484
  16. Frańska M.
    Comment on the paper "Antibiotic removal from water: Elimination of amoxicillin and ampicillin by microscale and nanoscale iron particles
    Environmental Pollution 158 (10) 3028-3029 (2010) IF=3.395
  17. Frańska M.
    Cytidine-Ag+-purine base complexes as studied by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
    European Journal of Mass Spectrometry 16 (5) 587-594 (2010) IF=1.103
  18. Fic, K., Lota, G., Frackowiak, E.
    Electrochemical properties of supercapacitors operating in aqueous electrolyte with surfactants
    Electrochimica Acta 55 (25) 7484-7488 (2010) IF=3.642
  19. Frackowiak, E.
    Guest-host interaction in energy storage systems
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71 (4), 692-695 (2010) IF=1.381
  20. Gajda B., Bogacki M.B.
    Polimetaliczne konkrecje oceaniczne jako potencjalne źródło surowców metalicznych
    Przemysł Chemiczny 89/7 824–830 (2010) IF=0.29
  21. Gancarz I., Bryjak M., Kunicki J., Ciszewski, A.
    Microwave Plasma-Initiated Grafting of Acrylic Acid on Celgard 2500 Membrane to Prepare Alkaline Battery Separators – Characteristics of Process and Product
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  22. Garbalińska H., Kowalski S.J., Staszak M.
    Moisture Transfer Between Unsaturated Cement Mortar and Ambient Air
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  24. Janiszewska D., Syguda A., Pernak J.
    Ionic liquids of Ciech
    Przemysł Chemiczny 89/11 1441-1445 (2010) IF=0.29
  25. Janus E., Syguda A., Materna K.
    Ionic Liquids – deanol derivatives as the Diels-Alder reaction solvents
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  26. Jesionowski T., Ciesielczyk F., Krysztafkiewicz A.
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  27. Jesionowski T., Tepper B., Krysztafkiewicz A.
    A novel silica fillers – preparation and physicochemical evaluation
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    Water Air Soil Pollut., 2010, DOI 10.1007/s11270-010-0436-7 IF=1,765
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  33. Kołodziejczak-Radzimska A., Jesionowski T.
    Otrzymywanie tlenku cynku z wodnych roztworów chlorku cynku i wodorotlenku potasu
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  34. Konował E., Sulej-Chojnacka J., Prochaska K.
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    Drying of wet materials in intermittent conditions
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    Modification of expanded graphite electrodes by ozone treatment
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    Syntetyczne kompozyty tlenkowe typu ZnO-SiO2 o dużym stopniu zdyspergowania
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